reprocessed plastic granules


Co-Polymers, Homo Polymer, Raffia Grade, Extrusion Grade, BOPP Available in all Colors/Black/White/Natural/All Range Can be used for mostly all applications like Household, appliances, sheets, compounding, automobiles, mats, chairs, crates, sheets, disposable etc.

High Density Polyethylene Injection Molding

Crate Grade – Colors, Regrind next to Virgin can be directly used for molding

Household Material – All coloured granules and regrinds.

High Density Polyethylene Blow Grades

For film – Off grade, Loose in Jumbo bags, Recycled Granules in all colors and many quality material manufactured from plant waste/consumer waste all colors and quality.

For Pipe & Drum – Regrind of P100/P80/P63 and Drum 100ltr & 200ltr available in black & blue. We also supply Granules in White/Black/Blue quality recycled material for Pipes.

Low Density Polyethylene

Film grades – talpatri,carry bags,packaging,

Pipe Grade

heet grades low cost materials

Moulding grades are also available

Ldpe filled materials in colours